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From the 26th – 29th of November 2017 the Dutch Embassies in Qatar & Kuwait and the Task Force Health Care Middle East (TFHC) will organise a Life Sciences & Health (LSH) mission to Qatar and Kuwait.

Background Qatar

Qatar has been the fastest growing healthcare market in the region and the country is investing heavily in its life sciences sector in general and in particular healthcare to cater to the demand from a growing population.

Healthcare is a priority concern for the Qatari leadership. The country will be facing a relatively high rise in demand for healthcare over the course of the next two decades. The Qatari government is constantly upgrading the quality of health services using technology, international expertise and knowledge. The MOPH will continue to implement the National Health Strategy. With the aim to develop a more comprehensive, integrated, preventive, skilled, policy-targeted, affordable and high quality healthcare system, which will improve healthcare access for the population. It is said that the NHS 2017-2022, consists of plans to nearly double the existing number of Hospitals and medical centres from 35 to 66 by 2022.

Background Kuwait

The next five years will witness rapid growth in the healthcare sector, reflecting heavy investment in the country’s healthcare infrastructure. This will allow the Kuwaiti government to act early to tackle the projected future healthcare requirements. The government also plans to expand public healthcare provisions to meet public demand, including advanced new hospitals and specialist medical centres.

The private healthcare market in Kuwait is estimated to grow by 15-20% in the coming years. Several new private hospitals are expected to open adding 1,800 hospital beds.
There are currently 20 large-scale mega healthcare projects planned in Kuwait, worth 3.5 billion KD.

More information about the opportunities in Qatar and Kuwait

What can you expect during the mission:

The LSH mission will provide excellent opportunities to meet new relevant business contacts and to learn more about the Qatar & Kuwait Life Sciences & Health sector. You can expect the following program components during the mission.

(Please note that below items may be subject to change)

  • Workshop and Introduction of the Qatar & Kuwait LSH sector & market
  • Meetings with the Ministry of Public Health (Qatar) and Ministry of Health (Kuwait)
  • Collective visits to relevant LSH stakeholders; such as public -and private hospitals, healthcare cities etc.
  • Round table session/Pitch event with LSH stakeholders (Local agents & distributors will be amongst the invitees)
  • Networking events such as networking receptions where you can meet and invite (new) local business contacts.
  • Participants will receive the report: ‘Qatar Healthcare Market Outlook to 2021’ which provides a comprehensive analysis of the healthcare market in Qatar*.
  • Knowledge Sharing and possible cooperation with participants within the Dutch LSH Delegation.
  • Presence and support from the Task Force Health Care and the Dutch Embassies in Doha and Kuwait City.

To increase the quality and success of the mission a participants meeting will be organised. After registration you will receive more details concerning the mission and the preparations.

Is this mission relevant for you?

The LSH Mission is relevant for companies and knowledge institutes active in the Dutch Life Sciences and Health sector, in particular for those in the following fields:

  • Medical Devices and appliances: Products, devices, disposables and equipment within the healthcare sector.
  • Hospital Build, design and equipment: Products and services concerning the design, building, furnishing, equipping, operations and maintenance of hospitals and clinics.
  • eHealth: Products and services within the domains of information- & communication technologies which contribute to the efficiency, effectiveness and digitalisation of the healthcare sector.
  • Health Development/Knowledge/Education: Products and services within the domains education, training, consultancy and advisory services to optimise care capacity.

Note: In favour of the scope and quality of the mission, we reserve the right to accept or decline participants who do not belong to the relevant target group for this mission.

Participation fee

The Participation fee is € 1.450,- (ex. VAT) per person, per company. Members of the TFHC pay a fee of € 1.250,-.(ex. VAT) per person, per company. A 50% discount will apply if you register a second participant from the same company.

For members of the TFHC Middle East a reduced fee of € 950,-.(ex. VAT) per person ,per company applies.

Costs for travel, accommodation, meals, translators and individual transportation are not included in the participation fee. We will be travelling on the 25th and 30th of November 2017.

How to join?

If you want to be a part of the Dutch LSH delegation please register before 29 September 2017 via the online registration form below.

This LSH mission has been made possible by the “Partners in International Business” (PIB) named TFHC Goes Middle East which the TFHC Middle East (a group a TFHC partners focusing on the health market in the region) is successfully executing. The LSH PIB Middle East is a partnership between the Dutch Government, RVO and the TFHC Middle East.

*The report worth $ 3,240.- (which has been made available by the LSH PIB Middle East) will be exclusively provided to the participants of the mission after the applicable reservations have been made.

More information

For more information regarding the LSH mission, please contact Jennifer Schrage,, 070-21 99 005.

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