Connect and share knowledge, challenges & solutions

Explore worldwide healthcare developments, challenges and solutions at the World of Health Care congresstival, where you will feel inspired through dialogue and facilitated networking activities. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with international delegates working at the forefront of the health sector, including decision-makers from different tiers of government, and Dutch Life Sciences & Health professionals from the private sector, NGO’s, and knowledge institutes. Look forward to a day of networking, knowledge sharing and fostering meaningful partnerships!

Healthcare in the 21st Century
Health systems around the world are now facing similar challenges as they grapple with ageing populations and rising incidences of chronic disease. In parallel, decision-makers are under pressure to design health systems which are able to cope with new and existing health issues, yet, which are both financially sustainable and make use of innovative technologies and powerful drugs. In an age of globalization, the provision of health care and its challenges transcend borders. International collaboration and knowledge exchange is thus a crucial component of tackling current and future health issues in a quest to improve global healthcare for all.

The World of Health Care (WoHC) facilitates inspiring international dialogue between high-level decision-makers from knowledge institutes, industry, NGOs, health providers and different tiers of government. The event provides a platform for discussing global and local trends, challenges and exchanging smart solutions. By providing delegates with the opportunity to share experiences relating to their respective health systems, economies, and social contexts, the WoHC aims to increase mutual understanding and support international collaboration.

This year the WoHC will focus on three global health challenges, namely:

  1. The Ageing Society;
  2. Increasing Quality & Cost-effectiveness
  3. Preventing Epidemics

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