Coolfinity believes that improving people’s lives starts with reliable cooling. They contribute to many of the SDGs, among others to the SDG2, SDG7, and SDG3: ensuring healthy lives. They offer the following solutions for healthcare:

▪️ Vaccines: Vaccines need to be cold in the entire supply chain at any moment. Coolfinity can provide never-failing cooling for the medical supply chain, which benefits hospitals, healthcare centers, and vaccination programs

▪️ Medication: Besides vaccines, also red blood cells, insulin and lab reagents need to be constantly cooled. For most healthcare organizations in upcoming markets with frequent power outages, this cannot be done.

By partnering with TFHC, Coolfinity looks forward to boosting its international journey by making use of TFHC’s knowledge, activities & training!

Contact Coolfinity if you are looking for cooling solutions for health your projects!