China is one of the Netherlands’ priority countries for the LSH sector. It’s an enormous market and changing population poses a lot of challenges on the current health system, but also provides a lot of opportunities for innovative solutions. The Chinese often visit the Netherlands, specifically to learn more about elderly care or the incorporation of digital solutions in healthcare.

In November, a small delegation from Beijing, Shandong and Guangzhou visited the Netherlands for a two-day program focussed on elderly care and digital health solutions. The delegation started their visit with a visit to the Tergooi hospital in Hilversum, where they got a tour through their e-studio and received information about data and digital innovation in hospitals. The visit gave insight in how digital solutions and already existing data can improve health (outcomes) and healthcare while reducing wasteful use of resources. Subsequently, the delegation visited two elderly care facilities of Brabant Zorg, where they received a tour and presentation on innovation in dementia-care. The last day, a network event was organised regarding healthy ageing in China & the Netherlands, where Dutch organisations had the opportunity to present themselves and their smart solutions to the Chinese delegation. The Chinese market offers a lot of opportunities to Dutch organisations, and connecting with high-level delegates can have a big impact on one’s success in China. More than thirty Dutch organisations attended the event, and many new connections were made.

Even though it was a short visit much information was exchanged between the Dutch and the Chinese delegation, whether it was through the network event or through one of the visits. The 2-day programme made a great impression on our Chinese guests – and we’re happy to say it was a successful visit!