DialogueTrainer gains traction in South-East Asia

In just the US, a staggering 1,3 billion dollars is wasted due to medical mistakes and miscommunications in healthcare delivery, often with serious consequences for both patients and medical professionals. Miscommunication is a major challenge in health systems all over the world. TFHC Partner DialogueTrainer takes on these challenges in communication between medical professionals by building and running unique playable scenarios. These scenario are used in the training of all stakeholders in healthcare delivery to prime their communication process.

By offering various virtual discussion partners, with which the player engages DialogueTrainer responds to the player’s knowledge and skills and adaptively presents next steps for further development. This training tool turned out to be a perfect fit for the delegates of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in March 2017. Consistently ranked amongst the world’s best universities[1] and the number one university in Asia, NTU linked up with Dialogue Trainer during the network event: Healthy Ageing in Singapore & The Netherlands. Organised by TFHC, in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an custom influentials programme was set up to connect an incoming delegation of 9 high-level Singaporean healthcare professional with the TFHC partners.

For DialogueTrainer this meeting resulted in a fruitful partnership. From this event both parties agreed to run a pilot project. NTU approved the implementation of the DialogueTrainer tool to train volunteers in their elderly homecare project. More specifically, two playable scenarios will be created based on NTU research of best-practices surrounding (i) General health check and (ii) Emergency response.

Michiel Hulsbergen: ‘’The NTU is a very interesting business partner and we see great potential in this project. As we originate from a University (Utrecht) ourselves, NTU as a business partner is especially interesting to us. Besides being able to rely on content that is tested scientifically, the cooperation can result in mutual publications which further strengthen our reputation as a science driven innovative party.   

The Nanyang project marks DialogueTrainer’s first international activity after successfully applying to the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT). Singapore provides just the opportunity needed to showcase the impact of the DialogueTrainer tool.

DialogueTrainer is fully committed to showcase their strengths with their launching customer, in the hopes of expanding further in the region. In the near future, China could be a market of interest.

Michiel Hulsbergen, DialogueTrainer | Founder

About DialogueTrainer
What makes DialogueTrainer unique is their perspective on communication as a true two-flow. Not only medical professionals need to practice how to relay important medical information to patients but patients also need to be empowered to effectively receive, process and act on new information. This process of taking more control of your own health consumption, Dialogue Trainer captures in the concept of improving one’s patient skills.

[1] QS World University Rankings 2018

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