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A first major milestone…

In July 2014, the companies Motek Medical and Force Link merged to make up a new company, Motekforce Link. Together, they combine more than fifteen years of experience in high-quality rehabilitation technologies and real-time feedback, using virtual reality techniques. To improve clinical rehabilitation, Motekforce Link offers products with standardised protocols for treatment of movement disorders. They use advanced technologies which enable new ways to study balance and locomotion disorders. Together with leading clinics and scientists, Motekforce Link develops user-friendly, innovative, rehabilitation technology products.

A first major milestone for Motekforce Link was the announcement of the merger with DIH Technologies on April 20th of 2015. DIH is an international player and aspiring market leader in the field of Rehab & Sports Medicine and Intelligent Medication & Supply businesses. René Keessen (Motekforce Link Sales Director International) elaborates: ‘’The strength of the Task Force Health Care (TFHC) is the cooperation we have experienced through the Partner for International Business (PIB) executed by their platform TFHC China. This governmental agreement has led to a number of trade missions to China, among others to Chengdu in 2015 led by the Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sports.’’ In the run-up of a previous trade mission to China in 2014, Motekforce link approached their Chinese contact to discuss a potential partnership. However, the Chinese were very hesitant to develop strategic relationships and did not accept the invitation. In retrospect, Motekforce link found out that they simply did not understand the unique way of collaboration between the Dutch government and its national private sector. During the following trade mission (Chengdu 2015) Michiel Westermann, Board member of DIH/Motekforce link, participated in the Dutch delegation. They did a lot of work to inform the Chinese parties beforehand and as a result of this effort, their first big order was confirmed.

René Keessen: ‘’In 2011 we had already begun to search potential business partners. The TFHC has contributed to our accomplishment of that first major and difficult order by reinforcing the contact with established relations and the Chinese parties involved. High-quality relationships with our Chinese counterparts were not established easily. In China you build trust first, and only when that is achieved, you can do business. With the help of the local Dutch embassy and the TFHC, the partnership with our first Chinese partner DIH (700 FTEs) was confirmed.’’ This cooperation immediately promoted China to one of Motekforce link’s home markets.

Motekforce Link are not yet active in countries neighbouring China; however through this partnership, their activities in Asia will see a healthy growth rate. The collaboration with DIH facilitates the international launch of more complex products like: CAREN (see image).

Currently, about 90% of their total sales come from export. For this reason, networking with fellow national and international LSH organisations, as well as, TFHC’s close links to the Ministries, are of great value. “For us the support is very helpful when entering a more complex market. A previous trade mission to the United States led by the Royal Couple resulted in signing a contract with a new local business partner. The impact of these international activities is fantastic, it creates such unique opportunities which will boost your business collaboration to a higher level.’’

René Keessen, Motekforce Link Sales Director International

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