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John M. Keynesplein 12
1066 EP, Amsterdam

We’re a Dutch TeleCare, [IoT] specialist, assistive technology provider and start-up that develops & markets personal healthcare solutions, like the CareWatch, keeping elderly safe & healthy.

We're  on a “Ageing Well” mission: personalized, preventive, solutions addressing the needs of people at risk of falling; solutions that are favourably priced, easy to use - with a minimum impact on family carers & professional carers.

Our CareWatch is one of the finest solutions available today: a stylish, wrist-worn wearable. By remotely monitoring vital [heart related data] we’re able to forewarn elderly on declining, or improving, wellbeing; providing indicators for stamina, emotional state, bioenergy & stress level, heart health, etc.  The CareWatch  is a multi-purpose device; besides Prevention, falls are detected and a Personal Alarm is provided. The CareWatch helps people fight social isolation and motivates to physical activity.


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