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Stationsweg 2
1251KC, Laren

NoSoapCompany is a design and development company that specializes in high-end hygiene solutions with innovative monitoring and management techniques based on the Internet of Things.


Our company was founded out of the frustration that in most public places, proper (hand) hygiene solutions have not kept pace with modern demands. We are developers of new modern, connected concepts that are:

  • Robust and suitable for public places
  • Ultra hygienic through no-touch dispensing
  • Using only professional grade desinfectants
  • Sending their own usage, monitoring and service information through the IoT
  • Free standing and autonomous for many months
  • With customizable exteriors, to create a good fit with house style, branding and communications demands
  • Beautiful design
  • Founders


NoSoapCompany is founded by a small group of partners consisting of seasoned veterans in hygiene, industrial design, production, innovation and services management

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