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Association Innovative Medicines

the association for innovative medicines in The Netherlands - is the industry association for the Dutch branches of innovative pharmaceutical companies. The association is not active in the field of generic or non-prescription drugs but is strongly involved with companies focused on biotechnological medicines.

About the Association Innovative Medicines

The association promotes its members' interests in pharmaceutical research and the pharmaceutical industry. It follows government policy closely, responds actively to relevant plans, measures and decisions, and contributes to the social debate about the added value of innovative pharmaceutical products. The assciation consults with care insurers, prescribers, care authorities, politicians and government, and advocates policy that encourages investments, new technologies and innovation. The association translates laws and regulations into practice, assists in legal issues and provides information and advice using practical means such as meetings, brochures, this member network and the electronic newsletter.

Protection of Interests

The association's main task is to demonstrate the sector's importance to health care and, using its clout, to influence any planned decisions. The assciations lobby work is aimed at creating the best possible conditions for developers and manufacturers of innovative medicines to thrive.

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