Visiting address:
J.F. Kennedylaan 100
3741 EH, Baarn
+31 (0) 35 543 43 43

Who is AT Osborne?

AT Osborne is an independent management and consultancy firm with offices in Baarn, Brussels and Paris. Over 150 consultants are active in a wide range of specialist project management areas. Furthermore AT Osborne offers economic, commercial, organizational and legal expert advice. AT Osborne was established in 1967 and is since 2003 jointly owned by its employees.

What do we do?

Our focus is on the design of the human environment: is it fit for purpose? We aim to provide sustainable solutions for urban matters such as healthcare, infrastructure, mobility, environment, water and housing. Our clients are public institutions as well as private developers and investors.

AT Osborne Healthcare

We help healthcare organizations in converting care concepts into feasible business plans for the development and exploitation of hospital buildings. We are driven by the search for the best possible solution for all of the building’s stakeholders. We also provide solid business advice in the fields of hospital strategy & profiling, hospital management & organizational structure as well as patient processes & business models. We help our clients to take objective and deliberate investment decisions in order to develop market driven and efficient organizations in which housing and real estate are optimally aligned with the strategic vision of care and care

Why do we do this?

The quality of the environment plays an important role in the human wellbeing. Good housing, good infrastructure, a safe and clean environment as well as good healthcare are necessary. ‘Urban matters, because people matter’ is our motto.

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