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Our company helps pharmacies to become more efficient and patient friendly by providing them with notification and self-serve pickup solutions.

We believe that therapy and logistics are two sides of the pharmaceutical coin and that it is essential to approach both separately with the patient as a starting point. We believe that with patient friendly logistics, costs will be reduced, compliance is being stimulated and room will be created for care.

ServiLockerServiSoft is a self-serve pickup solution, with a capacity of 162 deliveries on a footprint of just one square meter. With ServiLockerServiSoft, patients can pickup their filled prescriptions 24/7  simply by using the unique code that ServiSoft sents them automatically through a notification.

Patients no longer have to undergo long waiting times at inconvenient hours, but can help serve themselves at any time in less than 30 seconds.

ServiLockerServiSoft is not just patient friendly, it also saves 4 minutes of counter service time per pickup prescription. Consequently, the pharmacy is less crowded which contributes to a better atmosphere in the pharmacy.

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