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Back Quality Ergonomics was founded by Dutch Physical Therapist Ernst Haaksma. After many years of experience as a therapist he decided to specialize in the design, selection and supply of ergonomic solutions. Back Quality Ergonomics started out as the RUAC, the Back Training and Advisory Centre in The Hague, founded in 1988.

Back Quality distinguishes itself from other companies by combining the specialized knowledge of the human body with the specific products and custom-made advice. Back Quality is the market leader in ergonomic stools in the Netherlands and has dealerships in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Mission Back Quality Ergonomics

Back Quality Ergonomics (BQE) wants to make a unique and long-lasting solution for back and neck problems caused by sitting work available for everyone, and by doing so make a contribution to a better quality of life. In addition it strives to decrease the unnecessary absence from work due to sickness and keep down the manageable costs of the health care in general.

BQE is a key player in the ergonomic products field in Europe, developed with the use of the special scientific knowledge. BQE USA strives to reach the same position for the North American market.

Back Quality Ergonomics is a member of the Society of the Ergonomics in the Netherlands. "The ARBO rules and norms" is a Dutch standard for the back complaint prevention (primary prevention). If a person has a history of complaints concerning the movement apparatus, then the knowledge of our physical therapist network and co-workers (all around the country) can be adequately used (secondary prevention).

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