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Bayards rooftop helicopter landing platforms can be installed on any building, whether it is new or existing, low or high rise. Due to the light weight of aluminium, no additional structural reinforcements to the building are required. In addition, our helipads are maintenance free and can be supplied with stretcher ramps, walkways and staircases. The proposed operational support equipment such as fire-fighting systems, lighting systems and heating, is always configured in accordance with the latest safety regulations and the  highest quality standards, such as ICAO.
The benefits of a Bayards helipad:
• Lightweight
• Durable
• Maintenance-free
• Cost-effective
• Easy to install
• Aesthetically pleasing
Bayards Heliport Solutions is one of the world’s leading companies in designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing complex aluminium structures. Over the past 50 years, we have developed our expertise and we have become a specialist in aluminium helipads for hospitals and other civil applications. Thanks to over five decades of experience providing high-quality aluminium structures, we have an extensive list of references from all over the world, available upon request.
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