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Berkvens doors & frames is well known as a leading manufacturer of complete doorset solutions. A policy of continuous investment in product research, development and innovation, combined with total quality control, has ensured Berkvens’ position of strength in the European health care market.

Berkvens was established in 1933 and has grown into a leading manufacturer of interior doors, interior door frames and sliding door systems for healthcare, hospitality, education, offices and residential markets throughout Europe, encompassing 450 employees. The extensive assortment of technical high performance doors, frames and sliding door systems makes Berkvens a versatile and attractive partner for the international health care construction sector.

Berkvens has a vast track record in the delivering health care solutions; in amongst others The Netherlands, Greece, Ghana, Curacao, Romania, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Surinam,
Middle East and the UK.

Our products are designed to comply with European and British standards and meet specific demands for sustainable products and modern methods of construction. Timber is sourced from sustainable forests (FSC) and production is certified ISO 9001 and 14001.

Berkvens is part of Xidoor, a leading European doorset manufacturer producing 1,8 million units per year with eight brands, each specialized in a different and specific sector or type of building; covering the whole construction industry.

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