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Emmasingel 11
5611 AZ, Eindhoven
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Brainport Development is a new-style development company, working with representatives from industry, knowledge institutions and government to strengthen the Brainport top technology region. Brainport is an important cornerstone of the Dutch economy in which High Tech Systems & Materials, Food, Automotive, Lifetec and Design are the focal sectors. Brainport Development encourages and develops regional and (inter)national projects and programmes, promotes Brainport at home and abroad, and facilitates regional industry through business advice and funding, incubation facilities, business premises and business centres.


Brainport Development is a development company that aims to enhance the prosperity and well-being of the region by boosting the international competitiveness of Brainport and thereby contribute to a more sustainable, caring, clean and safe Netherlands.


In order to fulfil this mission, Brainport Development divides its work into five sectors:

  • Strategy
  • Projects and Programmes
  • Communication
  • Business Centres
  • SME Services

Personal assistance for foreign investors

As a government agency, Brainport Development provides information and practical assistance free of charge. Services, all provided on a confidential basis, include providing insight and data on site selection and logistics strategies and intensive, personal guidance on such matters as available incentives, permit procedures and tax structures. Brainport Development introduces corporate investors to a variety of Dutch networks and service suppliers in business, to government authorities at national and regional levels, to academic and private sector consultants, and to others central to the investment process.

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