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There are just a few places in the world that truly focus on achieving major, radical change, but that’s exactly what Brightlands is out to do. We are building a record of amazing breakthroughs in health, nutrition and materials. We are located at the heart of the Eindhoven-Aachen-Leuven cross-border technology triangle.

We are performing basic research and applying knowledge crucial to the medical world.

The breakthroughs emerging from the Brightlands campuses and ecosystem are not about making the world just a little bit healthier. We’re not even looking at ways to stretch increasingly scarce raw materials for just a few more years.

Instead, we are dedicated to inventing solutions and shifting society to meet the great global challenges of our time. We want to develop materials, enhance healthcare, and improve nutrition using resources that we will always have rather than using what we can still burn up or cut down until we have exhausted our resources.

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