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Claudius Prinsenlaan 132
4818 CP, Breda
+31 888 22 55 88

BKV brings dynamism into the labour market, in both the primary and secondary healthcare sector and in the Netherlands and abroad. We create personal and online networks of a diverse range of healthcare professionals and organisations and practices within the healthcare sector. BKV brings them together, intermediates between them and supports them.

BKV combines the full service of a specialist labour market intermediary with the ease of online services, like specific branche platforms. In that respect, we are unique. We offer this service across the entire healthcare sector. After all, flexible deployment of healthcare professionals is becoming increasingly important. Boundaries between primary and secondary healthcare are blurring and there is a higher level of interaction.

As well as intensive personal and online employment services, BKV also offers a range of additional services, which improve the quality of work. From consultancy and coaching, to useful online back-office solutions like complete management of flexible resource pools, personnel records and files. In everything that we do, raising the quality of work within the healthcare sector is paramount.

With branches in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden, our networks consist of large numbers of healthcare professionals and organisations within the healthcare sector. Aft er forging firm partnerships, we also have a strong presence in the Dutch Caribbean, France, Switzerland, Belgium and United Arab Emirates.

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