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About Clinical Science Systems

Clinical Science Systems (CSS) is a Dutch company specializing in the development, sales and marketing of clinical applications for medical products. The company was etablished in 2004 out of an Intensive Care Unit/OR study to brigde the gap between the nursing staff, intensivists and dr’s. of Neurology focussing in an easier interpretation of all data relevant to brain measurements.

We have several specially developed ICU cEEG analysis tools for which we own the exclusive rights i.e. ISA and CRI. Next to that CSS is developing many more analysis algorithms together with high profile institutes and companies around the globe dedicated for clinical applications.


Clinical Science Systems sees a clear need to make data more accessible and understandable for all involved. We develope and manufacture high-end EEG devices with focus on usability dedicated for Neuro Critical Care use. Together with our customer base we define the logical steps for further development. Joint research projects help stimulate our creative processes to be a leading supplier of advanced analyses tools and features for EEG systems and software designed for clinical applications.

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