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Company Profile CuraMedical BV is a medical device company operating in the wound management sector and based in the Netherlands. The key strategic goals of CuraMedical are the manufacture and marketing of haemostatic agents. CuraMedical’s mission is “To become a leading medical device company specializing in the supply of value-added products in wound management and diagnostics, contributing to public healthcare and focussing on leading edge technology products which are manufactured at a competitive price”.

CuraMedical entered the healthcare business in 1995 manufacturing and marketing Curaspon®, an absorbable haemostatic agent based on pharmaceutical gelatin. The haemostatic product line was further completed by introducing a range of oxidized (regenerated) cellulose haemostats Curacel® (available in standard and high density knit and fibrillar) and oxidized resorbable cellulose haemostat Curatamp®(available in standard knit).

Nowadays our haemostatic range of products are distributed to more than 50 countries world wide. Since the start of our company, millions of units of our haemostatic product range have been used in clinical sites all over the world. Quality and performance of our products have always been a priority within CuraMedical and, thanks to our highly qualified and dedicated staff, we have maintained those standards and now strive to become one of the major players in the wound management market over the coming years.

CuraMedical, we help you to cure people!

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