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Europalaan 100
3526 KS, Utrecht

Working together towards effective conversations in healthcare; that is our mission.

Effective doctor-patient communication is vital to healthcare. It contributes to the health of the patient, and to a healthy work environment of the healthcare professionals. Communication is mainly learned by doing; improving yourself and expanding your behavioural repertoire requires practice. As work requires performance, situations to practice are often scarce. And most training sessions lack opportunities for everyone to practice and get feedback.

DialogueTrainer offers an effective and affordable solution: Interactive online scenarios. Our DialogueTrainer platform, developed in collaboration with Utrecht University, allows for the creation and use of countless scenarios. Players can practice their conversation skills with virtual training actors. They can experiment with new conversation methods, see their effects and thus become more confident in real life situations. Individual feedback provides insight and, as a trainer or organization, you can monitor how course participants do.

For healthcare professionals and organizations, we provide scenarios based on challenging practical cases, or advanced conversation methodology. Current scenarios range from giving advice, to bringing bad news, to motivational interviewing, self-management and shared decision making. Our recently developed Virtual Training Doctor even enables patients to prepare for a doctor’s visit. Thus we contribute to improving patient-doctor communication from both sides.

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