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Dutch Health Architects (DHA) is a joint venture of the two leading architectural firms in the Netherlands specialized in healthcare architecture, De Jong Gortemaker Algra architects and engineers and EGM architects. Both boasting on more than 50 years of experience.

Dutch healthcare is well known for its innovative character; new concepts focusing on patient logistics and efficiency of workflows and processes combined with aspects of Healing Environment and the Planetree Philosophy.

The experience and knowledge of DHA provides clients with the possibility to discuss the demands of their organizations with a partner who has a broad perspective on healthcare.

It is DHA’s challenge to define and fully understand the demands of its clients before the best possible ‘answer’ in designing a building is developed. It is not just implementing proven solutions, but generating intelligent concepts that facilitate the client’s organization now and in the future.

Our field of work stretches from homes for the elderly and nursing homes to general hospitals and university hospitals. Apart from the healthcare designs for the international and domestic market,

DHA is experienced in urban planning, designing buildings for governmental institutions, housing and office buildings.

All our designs are made with a strong focus on sustainability and creating a better world.

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