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Barbara Strozzilaan 201
1083 HN, Amsterdam
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FRENETTI is a company for Educational Design & Learning Consultancy and Concept Development for organizations in Learning, Professionalization and Organizational Development. FRENETTI provides online assessments, learning and optimization systems that quickly include both analysis and improvement strategies, allowing organizations to work purposefully to a high-performance organization.

FRENETTI is the market leader in formal professionalism scans for nursing professionals in hospitals, mental health care and in care for the elderly. These professionalism scans allow health institutions to measure the level of nursing professionalism, to set smart improvement targets based on a combination of maturity models and artificial intelligence/pattern recognition and to offer each individual nursing professional a personal dashboard with benchmarks, step-by-step improvement suggestions (in alignment with the institutions’ learning systems) and specific knowledge sharing with other nursing professionals in the institution. Besides, in combination with the professionalism scans Frenetti delivers the complexity of care assessment, since it’s urgent that the level of team performance, in the right staffing mix, should be in line with the increasing complexity of care in order to prevent failures in patient care, burn out and early leave of nurses.

FRENETTI’s big data research in the health care industry has resulted in several healthcare, educational and governmental policy breakthroughs and is driving a variety of science- and PhD studies.

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