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Health Valley is not just any network, but the biggest Life Sciences & Health network in the Netherlands. We are proud of that, as well as of the prospects for the future: the number of partners is constantly growing and the number of successful matches is rising, while events, focus and support are producing a better and more targeted response to the needs of our partners. We are strengthening our position at national and international level, now and in the future.


In the future, diagnostics and treatment will be increasingly personalised. Care provision, regarding both cure and care, is becoming more integrated around the customer. There is also an increasing focus on prevention. Innovation in the Life Sciences & Health sector calls for connections between supply and demand, and cooperation between industry, healthcare, knowledge institutes and government. This cooperation will facilitate the achievement of the necessary technological innovations, new drugs and other methods of operation.


Health Valley boosts the innovation capabilities of Dutch companies and care providers by stimulating connections and cooperation. The Health Valley network organisation is thus contributing to the creation of robust activity and to the affordability, accessibility and quality of healthcare.

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