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Evert van Beek straat 104
1118 CN, Amsterdam
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Leading medical tourism company in the Netherlands

International Patient Center (IPC) is the leading medical tourism company in the Netherlands. We offer full-service support to overseas patients and referring physicians seeking a consultation, second opinion or medical treatment in the Netherlands. We assist you with travel arrangements, residence and access to Dutch healthcare providers.

Exclusive partnerships

To meet all your expectations we have an exclusive partnership with Erasmus MC, Royal Schiphol Group and KLM Health Services.

Our focus is on overseas patients with clinically complicated diagnoses and in search of highly complex and innovative treatments.
Erasmus MC being the first and preferred affiliated hospital.

We’ll support you throughout your patient journey

We understand the anxiety associated with illness. The preparations for an overseas medical treatment might feel like an extra burden.
Rest assured, a personal care coordinator, your single point of contact, will support you throughout your patient journey.

Your patient journey is segmented into different stages: Seeking treatment, Assessment & Transaction, Preparation & Arrival, Treatment and Aftercare.

Our team is here to guide and support you.

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