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Karsten Cleanroom Systems (KCS) is a specialized cleanroom company operating in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

KCS has its own factories in NL and China. KCS has total staff of 130p and 150p variable dependent on project volume. Turnover is Euro 20-25mio with consistent solid profit level.

Our business scope comprise design, supply and installation of complete cleanroom configurations for the pharma/biotech industries, healthcare a.o.  KCS is long time player (over 20 yrs)  in this niche market and has become qualified supplier at the major international EF’s active in this market.

The base of KCS business development is the own developed cleanroom system where all cleanroom applications can be integrated in one system with same outlook and flush room finish. This flush finish is key to safe cleaning and prevention of contamination inside cleanrooms.

Furthermore KCS has developed special products for the hygiene market under the names:

  • BIOLED lights
  • KOMPA Door closers
  • SUPRA Pass Through Boxes
  • SLIMLINE Airtight Doors
  • CLEANSEAL Pipe Seals a.o.

These special products are produced in our brand new factory in Shanghai. The combination of western technology and manufacturing capacities in KCS China and Europe creates a very efficient cost base which gives us the chance to offer these high tech products at the favorable price/quality ratio.

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