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e-Training and certification of medical professionals

LeQuest trains and certifies medical professionals in the use of medical technology through customized e-trainings by simulation.

Competence in medical technology

The rapid technological developments in the healthcare industry increase the possibilities to treat patients successfully. Technological advances, however, also create complications when healthcare professionals are not properly instructed which endangers the quality of care. There is also increasing pressure from the healthcare industry and government legislators to better instruct healthcare professionals in the use of medical technology and to make their competence levels more transparent and measurable. LeQuest supports medical professionals in this process.

Learn to use a medical device in a simulated environment

LeQuest's e-trainings simulate the behavior of a medical device. Through interactive assignments in these simulations, the trainee can master the required knowledge step by step. This innovative approach to online training creates a motivating learning experience while ensuring the user fully comprehends the features and develops the necessary competences and skills needed to handle the device.

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