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Livv Mobile Health is a provider of e-health services, including measurement, monitoring and alarm services. Livv supplies its customers both the mobile equipment to measure critical body functions (like ECG, blood pressure and saturation) as well as the expert desks to assist and inform the customer.

Livv users are able to always send important medical readings, at home or on the road, thereby removing the need to visit their GP or the hospital.

All readings are stored in a personal and secured profile and are analyzed on request by the Livv medical team. In case of an emergency the customers can trigger the alarm service, after which the Livv alarm desk will send direct and targeted aid to the user’s location.

By adding the human factor to its services, Livv is able to turn raw data into useful information from the ever increasing number of health devices.

Livv Mobile Health runs its services by:

  • Supplying innovative and mobile health devices to the customer.
  • Read this equipment by using the smartphone of the customer.
  • Analyze this raw data by using smart algorithms and medical experts to provide personalized information to the customer.
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