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What is MedtechPartners?

Medtechpartners is an unique national Dutch platform that brings medical innovation to life by accelerating your idea into business. Over the last 10 years we have helped more than 170 promising and high quality innovations during different stages of their development covering a broad range of applications in life sciences.

When you have a great idea but you're struggling to find answers on difficult questions that relate to the development of your innovation, our MedtechPartners are your solution. We have partners that can help you with the design, engineering, development and production of your product, but also questions considering intellectual property, clinical trials, CE/FDA regulation and reimbursement can be addressed by our partners.

What is our success formula?

After the scouting and screening procedure we select the best innovations to present their idea on the MedtechMeetings. These MedtechMeetings create the opportunity for the inventor to present his innovative idea to our MedtechPartners. The goal for the inventor is to find their business, financial or strategic partner. For the MedtechPartners these MedtechMeetings are the ideal place to spot new innovation that creates business opportunities.

Who are the MedtechPartners?

MedtechPartners are all the companies and organisations that can add value to the development of start-up companies in the medical field, like (academic) medical centres, research institutes, and private (inter)national companies in medical technology. The MedtechPartners together create a collaboration network with special focus on medical devices.


During 2017, we have piloted BiotechPartners as a spin-off from MedtechPartners. BiotechPartners will continue in 2018 to improve the connectivity between biotech innovators and the biotech industry.
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