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Sustainable Medical Education for Professionals (MeduProf-S) is an independent Healthcare Education Company providing high quality, professionally presented, custom designed courses.

MeduProf-S was previously known as Fontys International Health Projects, a department within Fontys University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. The first course initiated was in 1996 when ultrasound courses were developed for emerging countries. Following a successful pilot project in Kenya, courses in diagnostic radiography and ultrasound were implemented countrywide in Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia on a sustainable basis with extensive involvement of local expertise and resources. In most countries the courses are part of a package which also includes curriculum development, teacher training and e-learning.

MeduProf-S continues to be empowered by Fontys and is committed to developing training programmes that fulfill the needs of our customers. To enable us to provide an ever increasing choice of programmes, we have built up a close relationship with other universities both locally and internationally. The capacity of the healthcare team of MeduProf-S also continues to expand enabling us to offer a wider variety of health related courses including Physiotherapy, Nursing, Hospital Management, Hospital Waste Management and Bio-Medical Engineering.

We are proud to promote the excellent working relationships we have established with our partners and the healthcare industry both in The Netherlands and abroad. Our efficient, effective and experienced project management team come from a variety of international backgrounds and has extensive experience in diverse cultural situations therefore assuring the successful transfer of training and educational knowledge.

We take pride in concentrating and investing our time and efforts toward customising our services and furnishing our clients' projects with the most appropriate staff and courses as well as providing the most satisfactory and cost-effective solutions for each individual assignment.

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