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MicroVision Medical is a company that spun-off from the University of Amsterdam (AMC) The Netherlands and has developed and positioned a new standard for assessing the microcirculation in relation to several diseases. The microcirculation consists of the smallest blood vessels that are present throughout the body, which are essential for exchange of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Lasting disturbance of this exchange process by impaired of flow and or filling of those smallest blood vessels contributes to numerous and serious medical issues.  MicroVision Medical sells the only technology for visualizing the microcirculation to accurately assess such an impairment of the smallest blood vessels in a non-invasive manner. Focus is to monitor and treat sepsis with microcirculation flow and density indexes as guide for the physicians to ultimately avoid organ failure and to reduce costs related to ICU stay and renal dialysis. The automated analysis is based on a consensus established with international cooperation of Key Opinion Leaders from the Intensive Care community around the world.

To allow for daily clinical use at the bedside, fast processing of image data captured sublingually, is achieved fully automated in less than 2 minutes per session.

A sterile lens cover is applied to secure proper functioning and maintaining a safe sterile barrier from measurement to measurement. Registration is provided for in Europe, China and United states.

Several other applications are monitored, such as but not limited to bowel surgery, resuscitation after cardiac events and neonates. MicroVision Medical holds issued patents on the device and software analysis in all major jurisdictions.

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