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Setting standards for human movement research and treatment

“Empowering leading scientists and clinics to explore new ways to study balance and movement disorders through advanced technology: that’s what makes us tick.”

  • Barry Hes, CEO Motek

As a technology leader with almost 20 years of experience in the field of virtual reality and real-time feedback, we provide our clients with highly innovative and versatile rehabilitation tools to empower them to research and treat human movement disorders. Our high-tech devices, powerful software and full set of long-term services not only provide endless opportunities in movement exploration and treatment, but also make us the perfect partner along the way.

Motek’s benchmark systems combine high-end instrumented treadmills and balance platforms with sophisticated virtual reality and motion capture technologies. Synchronized by our patented software, they provide customers with precise analyses and evaluations. Together with Motek’s flexible virtual reality applications, we enable therapists and researchers alike to develop the perfect training or research set-up. With the implementation of games and VR environment into our applications, the patient experiences a visible, enjoyable and motivating progress.

Strengthened by our close relations with both the research and clinical fields, we facilitate the conversion of scientific findings into clinical protocols.

Together, we will set future standards that will help to maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle for every person.

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