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Nictiz is the centre of expertise for standardisation and eHealth

"Nictiz works towards better healthcare through better information. We support the healthcare sector in the use of IT to improve quality and efficiency within healthcare."

In consultation with and at the request of the healthcare sector, Nictiz is continuously developing and refining national standards for electronic communications in healthcare. Furthermore, Nictiz supports the sector in developing functional IT solutions that can be used nationwide, and contributes to policy making on IT issues as they relate to healthcare on a national and international level. Read more about Nictiz in this corporate brochure.

What can Nictiz help you with? 


  • how to achieve an information standard and advice on the use of this
  • the use of existing information standards, such as GP observation and child healthcare
  • how to achieve standardisation within healthcare
  • the possibilities offered by healthcare information architecture
  • development, implementation and management of information standards
  • qualification of healthcare information systems and network services
  • insight and overview of national and international standards in healthcare
  • insight and overview of terminology and code systems, including SNOMED CT
  • applying for a SNOMED CT licence and completion of SNOMED CT introduction courses.

eHealth and TrendITion™:

  • the annual eHealth Monitor
  • insight into and overview of the concept of ‘eHealth’
  • insight into the availability and use of eHealth applications by healthcare providers and patients
  • participation in various platforms, including Patients and eHealth, iZiekenhuis and the regional architecture platform
  • insight into national and international trends and developments (such as registration at source, eHealth, epSOS, blue button and big data)
  • overview of IT standards in healthcare and the interdependence between standards
  • overview of laws and regulations in healthcare
  • overview of quality marks, certificates and quality statements in healthcare
  • presentations on healthcare IT and eHealth
  • guests lectureships with expertise on the topics listed above.

If your topic is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact Nictiz. We may be able to assist you in another way or put you in contact with other relevant organisations.

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