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Papendorpseweg 97
3528 BJ, Utrecht
+31 (0) 30 638 34 50

Noordhoff Health is the leading e-learning and learning technology provider for the Dutch healthcare sector. We provide products and services directed towards developing and maintaining knowledge and skills, to ensure that healthcare professionals and students stay proficient. The company’s concept combines individual and organizational learning in a way that leads to compliance and performance improvement. With solutions including high quality e-learning courses and the PulseWeb™ mobile learning environment (available in 7 languages), Noordhoff Health supports the entire learning process, including assessment, e-learning, tests, workplace learning, coaching and planning. Many renowned clients in care, cure and vocational education use our learning solutions successfully. Our solutions lead to an increase of quality and a decrease of risk. One of our key areas of expertise is employee training and compliance for Medical Technology. Noordhoff Health is extending its innovative range of e-learning services in countries like Germany, South Africa and Surinam. From our office in Berlin, Noordhoff Health brings e-learning and learning technology to the German health market. Not only do we offer a wide range of courses and learning technology, we also act as a partner to care institutions during the implementation and management of e-learning solutions. Adapting, expanding and updating our range to meet the specific needs of local markets.

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