Visiting address:
Korte Hoogstraat 31
3011 GK, Rotterdam

We are Rotterdam Partners. Rotterdam is at the heart of everything we do. We are proud of Rotterdam. Proud of its energy, its innovative and enterprising character and its port. Proud of its down-to-earth charm and international flair. Rotterdam is always on the move and that’s why we are convinced the city still offers a world of opportunities to be seized.

Rotterdam Partners: promoter of the Rotterdam economy

Rotterdam Partners has the objective of strengthening the economy of Rotterdam and the region. We work for businesses, visitors and residents who are already based in the city or those who plan to visit or establish themselves in Rotterdam in the future. Rotterdam Partners has a number of core tasks. First of all, Rotterdam Partners is the link that connects, strengthens, and enhances local and regional networks. In addition, we facilitate the organisation of activities, respond to queries from those considering relocating to Rotterdam and work towards addressing economic issues. We also undertake initiatives to promote innovation in the Rotterdam economy. Finally, we bring together supply and demand in fields like tourism, business events and conferences.

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