Visiting address:
Barbara Strozzilaan 201
1083 HN, Amsterdam
+31 20 262 0254

TRINCO Core activity

TRINCO is headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands as a dedicated networked consultancy firm with focus at transformation in the field of community- and health development. Basically we deliver the cooperation and development on and the execution of Roadmaps that Innovate Community & Health Eco – Systems. We work for governmental bodies, health insurance companies, hospitals & investors as well as partners in conditionary areas. We focus on public goals while applying private sector based approaches. So, we ‘re system – integrators delivering solutions on organisational, county & (cross) sector & system level. In short: Creating Commonbase, Empowering People.

TRINCO Distinctive competence

We have more than 20 years of executive experience in business, policy & cooperation; bringing backgrounds in psychology, international business and society topics. We are integrative thinkers & actors, working in a networked team of 15 experts and growing partnerships in EMEA - region. We Cooperate, Develop & Execute, in accordance with our distinctive methodology (available on request). Our background enables us to solve interdependencies and bottlenecks, create Commonbase, align stakeholder interests and build lasting coalitions & breakthrough innovations on issues that often weren’t solved for before.


Our role may involve interest alignment, coalition building, facilitating content matters, program and project directors & managers; leading processes and progress, solving bottlenecks, exchange of knowledge, working as system - integrators as well as training in project execution & leadership.

Meeting you as Prospect and Partners

Given our background and vision, we’re always open to explore the needs and challenges of prospects and partnerships with EMEA – focussing organisations that can help leverage impact in transformations to integrative Communities. Further inquiries on our methodology and project examples are available on request.

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