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The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) is a large (~12.000 employees) and renowned medical center with three core tasks: patient care, education and research. UMCG has chosen “Healthy Ageing” as the overarching theme for the institution in 2006. The UMCG has a longstanding tradition in care for and (basic) research into chronic diseases and is well-known for itscohort studies, population-based as well as patients. The largest biobank and cohort study is LifeLines (, an ongoing, three generations, population-based study focusing on complex diseases including 165.000 participants from theNorthern Netherlands. In 2013, UMCG and theUniversityofGroningenestablished the European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA, The mission of ERIBA is to better understand what causes ageing. The 11 world-class research groups focus on mechanisms that result in loss of cells with age and the decline in the function of old cells and tissues.

The UMCG is part of theHealthy Ageing CampusNetherlands(HACN,, where high-quality researchers, knowledge-intensive businesses and governmental organizations work together. This ecosystem leads to spin-off companies, shared facilities and new knowledge regarding the ageing process. UMCG is founding partner of theAllianceforHealthy Aging with the Mayo Clinic (Minnesota,USA). UMCG coordinates and participates in a large number of European and international projects

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