Visiting address:
Van Diemenstraat 202, unit 2.1
2518 VH, Den Haag
+31 (0) 85 782 7300

Careanimations produces animated videos for patients and consumers. We are translating health and healthcare related subjects into easy-to-access and easy-to-understand information. We use state-of-the-art technology, a recognizable video format and simple, uniform language.

Our flagship product is Watchyourmeds, a library of – currently – over 6,500 animated videos in which the most important information of the patient information leaflet is explained in easy-to-understand spoken language. Accessibility and understandability have been tested and tailored to suit all population groups. Watchyourmeds is provided in multiple languages and comes in an interactive video format.

Watchyourmeds is distributed (semi-)automatically by care providers in order to maximally reach and motivate the patient to watch the video(s). In this way Watchyourmeds supports knowledge, understanding, motivation and finally better use of his medicines. In The Netherlands, Watchyourmeds is adopted by the Ministry of Health, financed by health insurers and distributed by >80% of all pharmacies.

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