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International cooperation

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (Zuyd Hogeschool in Dutch) is an international university of applied sciences. Our geographical location in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion is the perfect basis for our international ambitions. Through excellent study programmes, research and services, we aim at a prominent position in the European Higher Education Area, with connections all over the world.

Strong international focus

Many of our schools have close ties with foreign universities, companies and other institutions all over the world. Zuyd University of Applied Sciences is an active member of Hora Est, a network of universities of applied sciences in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion. Several schools are members of the Magellan Exchange, a consortium of European, American and Mexican universities. Our university also participates in the European Lifelong Learning Programme (Erasmus) and other exchange programmes. Zuyd offers many placement opportunities abroad.

Internationalisation at home

Students and staff are given many opportunities to take part in international exchange programmes and projects. Those who do not actively participate in exchange programmes or work placements abroad, can benefit from our internationalization at home, through Euregional projects, international guest lecturers, language courses and cultural awareness training.

International population

International students are welcome at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. About 12% of Zuyd’s 14,000 students comes from outside The Netherlands.

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